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Melanie is a senior level graphic artist, painter, and craftswomen who now enjoys the simple life of saving the fallen tree and bringing it back to life in the form of custom live edge furniture. You will find her most days at the Slab Museum in Clarksburg where she takes pride on overseeing the designs and slab brought in on display.
After traveling to Toronto and back to work as a designer for HBC for so many years, staying close to home designing and building furniture whenever she desires, is a true breath of fresh air. Not to mention she can spend more time with her little girls and filling her day with designing and working with her craftsmen to supply the most unique custom slab furniture. Melanie was born and raised in
Wasaga Beach ON. and studied art in London ON., where she received a degree in advertising and graphic design. 
Before going off to college she visited the North of Italy twice, where she was drawn to the fantastic world of art and art history. 
Melanie always brings a twist to her art, currently keeping the reuse and recycle mantra close to heart and painting on reused recycled and reclaimed materials as well as designing custom furniture from salvaged trees.
Melanie now spends most of her time at the workshop with her team creating wonderful live edge pieces of art and living each day feeling truly blessed for her wonderful talents that she is proud to share with others.

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Edwin Patino - Lead Craftsman - Our Main Man

Edwin Patino is one AMAZING individual. When you purchase a custom piece of furniture from the Tree Green Team you are purchasing a functional piece of art that has been crafted by one of the most talented craftsmen in the world. (We kinda like him over here).
Eddie is very passionate about every piece that he constructs and his commitment shows by his involvement every step of the way.
From milling the logs to kiln drying the lumber to planning the slabs to final finish and delivery...Eddie oversees it all. Feel proud to own a piece created by the one and only EDWIN PATINO!

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