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Shown above: Single Slab Spalted Maple With Custom Rock Inlay

At TGT  we take pride in being able to offer the very best quality in live edge furniture and offer you a trusted, high end, quality crafted product at an affordable price. We are able to offer this as we do all the work ourselves....from start to finish. The end result? An affordable piece of Canadian art for your home, office or chalet that will last a lifetime and be a treasured heirloom piece.
Please let us know what you are hoping to have made including dimensions and we will get right back to you with a quote.

We require a 50% deposit and away we go. The remaining balance is due when your piece is picked up, delivered or put on the truck for transport. Please visit our seating options at If you see a product from our seating link that you like please do not request a quote from the worldwide website as it will not come to us and we we won't be able to offer you our trade discount. Simply let us know the style number and note on the form below.

From start to finish our process takes approx. 6-8 weeks for completion. That being us today to see what we have in the showroom available and....READY TO GO!  Phone or text 705.607.0787


Did you visit our seating options page?...we do offer seating.

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