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What Makes Us So Unique?

Aside from the fact that we offer a 100% lifetime craftsmanship warranty on all handcrafted custom pieces, from the start of the process to the finished piece, our slabs are handled only by the artisan of the Tree Green Team. The one and only Edwin Patino. We are very passionate about our craft and try to make every client feel satisfied and genuinely excited about their new custom project. There is nothing quite like the feeling of bringing new life to a fallen tree. 
From choosing the perfect fallen log to milling and kiln drying on-site.....Edwin is there throughout the entire process to ensure everything is just as he wishes.
When you contact TGT to inquire or to place an order, you will speak directly to the artist and creator, Melanie Steadman...Nobody else. It seems hard to believe but very true!

A truly unique piece of Canadian art. One of the greatest elements the team is proud to offer is that from start to finish, you will be able to watch your tree come back to life as Melanie sends you photos of your creation as Edwin Patino begins to bring new life to your fallen tree.

All our pieces are created from trees that have already been cleared, and we have rescued them from otherwise becoming firewood.
We have built a close relationship over the years with loggers and arborists from our area and purchase logs from them which have had to come down for various reasons. 
If we are lucky enough to know the age or where the trees came from, we will surely pass the info on to you.

It all begins by locating the perfect tree or group of salvaged logs! 


We source our trees from local loggers and arborist who have had to clear a lot or remove a tree for various reasons. If we are lucky enough... we will get the history of the tree and we can pass on the info to our clients. When you call us to request a quote via our quote form... Melanie will let you know what type of trees we are currently working with and will offer to send a link to view some more sample pictures.

The logs are transported to our facility.


Once we have sourced our new salvaged logs they will be transported to our location nested in The Town of The Blue Mountains. We will then begin the process of having them milled into fine slabs.

The drying process begins


Once the slabs have been milled and are ready to be processed we will kiln dry them onsite where we can assure that they have been dried to the best moisture content to assure a quality wood piece.


Let it begin...

Once the team has received your are locked into the log that we are currently drying and will be given a estimated completion date.
The team will then pick the slabs for you based on your wish list and by any discussions made with Melanie prior to ordering when the slabs come out of the kiln and we are ready to bring new life to your fallen tree.


The slabs are dried, planed, and brought into the shop to be dressed into your fine piece. Completion from order to finish is usually 6-8 weeks. Once we have arranged a completion date with you, the week of completion, Melanie will start to send you pictures of your table coming together.  At this time you can decide on the stain and finalize your leg styles.  As far as staining, because each slab can take stain on differently we will send you pictures of stain options on the bottom of your slabs and you can choose the tone you would like to go with.

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